2 minute read · Published July 3, 2024

Why AccountingSeed chose CommandBar over the competition

Latest Update July 3, 2024

AccountingSeed, a leading accounting software provider built on the Salesforce ecosystem, leverages CommandBar’s full User Assistance platform – both Nudges and AI agent.

I wanted to understand what drove AccountingSeed to adopt these solutions and what their experience has been like.

To learn more, I sat down with Ylani Rabedeau at AccountingSeed.

The Problem

“We were looking for a way to provide in-app guidance and improve the support experience for our users without them leaving the app. Our onboarding process was very hands-on with our Customer Success Manager and implementation teams, but we wanted to enable self-service product adoption beyond the initial signup. Despite having comprehensive help documentation, we were still receiving around 2,000 support tickets per month with basic questions already covered in our help docs, simply because users weren’t finding them.”

The Solution

“We evaluated several Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) like Walkme and Whatfix, among others. What set CommandBar apart was its seamless integration with Salesforce elements and the ability to future-proof our business. We saw Copilot [our AI agent] and HelpHub [our resource center] as significant differentiators.

Seeing a demo of another CommandBar customer using Copilot to trigger a tour for setting up payroll was inspiring. It was clear and effective and as bringing AI to our platform is a major directive, there was no question that implementing CommandBar was the best decision we could make.

Implementing CommandBar was incredibly quick, and the customization options allowed us to align it with our brand. The more we use it and refine our content, the better it gets. The ability to customize everything in detail and maintain high UX standards without feeling like intrusive pop-ups is impressive. We use other products, but they often require extensive tweaking to meet our visual standards. CommandBar, however, works seamlessly right out of the box.”

The Result

My favorite aspect of HelpHub and Copilot is how they have simplified experimentation with our onboarding and growth strategies. Being a small team, not having to constantly update or spend time styling these tools has freed us up to focus on other areas.”

The feedback from their users has been overwhelmingly positive. AccountingSeed frequently hears that they appreciate the quick answers to their questions and the ease of access to helpful content.

AccountingSeed’s CEO, board, and executive team have had extremely positive feedback about the CommandBar implementation, particularly noting the quick time-to-value for the level of product they were able to stand up. 

AccountingSeed went live with a very robust HelpHub and half a dozen Nudges; they have plans to incorporate Surveys and Checklists in future iterations.

Ylani remarked, “I wasn’t hearing anything about nudges, but then all of a sudden, every team wants a nudge,” highlighting how versatile the use case is for various teams like marketing and product.

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