3 minute read · Published July 3, 2024

From 50,000 support tickets to 84% answer rate. How Jane uses Copilot.

Latest Update July 8, 2024

Jane makes it easier for health practitioners to book, chart, schedule, bill, and get paid. As a rapidly scaling business, they needed something to help them stay on top of support tickets. 

So I sat down with Meg Larente, who runs Knowledge Operations at Jane to find out how they chose CommandBar.

The Problem

“Our business scaled up rapidly, and our support team couldn't keep up with the demand. We were receiving over 50,000 support tickets per month. Despite building an extensive knowledge base, users were struggling to find answers. We needed an AI support solution to instantly pull answers from our documentation and deflect support tickets.”

The Solution

Jane relies on CommandBar’s Copilot interface as their users’ first port of call when they need any assistance before they get to a member of the support team. 

“We conducted a head-to-head comparison of various AI chatbots, and CommandBar's Copilot dominated the competition. One standout feature was its ability to identify when a subpar answer was due to missing or outdated help docs, creating a valuable feedback loop for improving our documentation. Additionally, we wanted a long-term partner aligned with our future growth goals, and CommandBar’s team was the best fit.”

Seeing a demo of Copilot in action was a game-changer for Jane. Its effectiveness in providing instant answers and reducing ticket volume was immediately clear, so they decided to implement it.

“The implementation process was smooth, and we appreciated the customization options that allowed us to tailor the tools to our brand. The ability to deliver high UX standards without intrusive pop-ups was a significant advantage. We’ve used other products, but they often required extensive customization to meet our needs. CommandBar, on the other hand, worked seamlessly from the start.”

The Result

“My favorite aspect of HelpHub (CommandBar’s resource product) and Copilot is how they have transformed our support efficiency. Despite our rapid growth and the addition of numerous customers, our ticket volume has only increased by an average of 100 per month. This improvement was so impactful that our support team received additional resources for previously deprioritized projects, elevating the team’s capabilities.

The feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the quick and accurate answers the AI chat provides, enhancing their overall experience with our product.

During a training session, I tried to demonstrate what to do when you get a fallback response, but I had trouble getting wrong answers, which speaks volumes about the accuracy and reliability of Copilot.”

In Meg’s words, Copilot has been “CRUSHING IT.” (🥹)

Answer rate drastically improved over just a few months, she says. “We’ve reached the highest copilot answer rate that we’ve seen since we launched. It’s now at 84%. We started in the 60s.”

How did they do it? A couple of ways:

  • With the time saved from answering tickets, 2 regular team members are able to carve out time every week to regularly check in on Copilot’s performance. There’s an internal process to spot documentation gaps and quickly fill them.
  • Jane hosts AI sprints from time to time with the broader team to jump into Copilot responses and fix their docs (because Copilot is only as good as the data it is trained on, and part of our product helps identify content that is missing or potentially outdated).  They see pretty big jumps in answer rate after each sprint.
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