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SSO / SAML 2.0

SSO is an authentication option for customers on CommandBar enterprise tier.

Which SSO providers do you support?

We support SAML, SCIM, SFTP, and OpenID Connect, which means we cover nearly all the SSO providers and the ways you can configure them: Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin, PingIdentity, Auth0, and more.

How do I enable SSO?

If SSO is not enabled on your account, let us know, and we can take care of it for you!

Can I switch from regular authentication to SSO?

Yes, but we’ll need to handle it for you, so let us know.

If I use SSO, how can I control which users have access to CommandBar?

You will manage this via your SSO provider. Below are provisioning how-to’s from some common SSO providers: