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Announcements analytics

Have you ever been at a party that was too loud? You’re having a conversation with someone — you can’t hear them, they can’t hear you. You announce you’re going to the bathroom. They keep talking to you, their mouth moving, their eyes locked on you scanning for active listening, trapping you.

Announcements that aren’t heard have consequences. Our Announcements analytics pages is designed to help you understand whether your announcements made through CommandBar are being heard.

What it measures

Announcements analytics dashboard

Active announcements

These are the number of announcements that are currently published to users. This represents the number of announcements that are capable of generating impressions.


This represents the total user impressions of announcements in the period you currently have selected in the date range selector in the top right. Note that this includes views from both currently published announcements, as well as announcements that collected views during the period but have since been unpublished (think an announcement you turned on to announce an event, and then turned off after the event was over).

Snooze rate

The percentage of impressions that have ended with the user snoozing the nudge. Snoozing is only possible on nudges that have the Snoozable setting enabled.

Announcements table

This shows all your active (i.e. published) announcements. You can see unpublished announcements in this table by clicking the Show unpublished Announcements toggle.