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Adding content

Content is the life blood of Copilot. Its the information which brings its to life. Think back to when you read Harry Potter for the first time. Copilot reads your source content with the same enchanted glee.

Adding external-facing sources

The most popular training material for Copilot comes in the form of user-facing content, like a help center or public knowledge base.

CommandBar can utilize any third party site as content (using a scraper and amny pre-built integrations). This content can be used as training material, and Copilot can also cite specific articles to back up its responses. Users will then be able to view those articles in HelpHub (Robin to Copilot's batman) without leaving your site.

Adding internal / private sources

Private sources work just as well as public. The only difference is you'll need to mark these integrations as "training only". This will prevent Copilot from directly quoting the sources or citing them in its answers. This allows you to use content that is written for an internal audience (like CX enablement content).

Adding Answers

Answers are CommandBar's primitive for giving Copilot instructions for how it should handle specific questions. Think of them as simpler alternatives to documents, or as quick fixes to handle specific scenarios before the source content itself can be updated.

Answers can be configured to be used verbatim, though we discourage using this setting too frequently as it cramps Copilot's style (by preventing it from doing what it does best -- personalizing the answer to the user, the page they are on, what they specifically asked, etc...)