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Adding nudges

If all you do is train your Copilot on Content, you'll end up with a swanky, personalized chatbot. But chatbots are very May 2023! Copilot morphs into a fully-fledged user assistant when you arm it with nudges.

Adding Nudge experiences to Copilot

You can add any nudge experience to Copilot.

  • Product tours
  • Announcements
  • Surveys
  • Checklists

By default, product tours and checklists are made available to Copilot, whereas announcements and surveys are not. This reflects the fact that most product tours "make sense" to provide to Copilot and show to any user whose query is relevant to them, whereas surveys and announcements usually aren't relevant for most users.

CommandBar Copilot Adding Experience

Helping Copilot use its tools

Whenever you make something available to Copilot (whether a building block or experience), you have the option to explain to Copilot when and how it should use the tools.

As general advice, you should write these instructions as if you were instructing a human assistant. Imagine Copilot was a human-powered natural language interface, and you were giving instructions to the gremlins in the basement feverishly responding to every query.

More specifically, you can use this space to describe:

  • A description of what the building block or experience does (the more context the merrier)
  • The types of user queries that Copilot should consider relevant to this thing. For example, "offer this tour when a user asks about x, y, and z".
  • What types of users the thing is relevant for. For example, "show this to new users especially"