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Correcting Copilot with Answers

Copilot isn't perfect, and sometimes it won't guide users in the way you want. Perhaps the documentation is a little out of date, or perhaps the question is sensitive, and you want to craft the perfect response. Either way, Copilot is human-like in that it can take direction from you! Enter Answers.

Viewing user interactions with Copilot

You can view all user interactions with Copilot at Dashboard -> Analytics -> Copilot. From here, you can filter to chats containing fallback responses, which is a helpful way to view interactions that Copilot didn’t consider satisfactory.

Creating an answer

From a chat, you can elect to create an answer to the user’s question. This creates a new Answer building block, which Copilot can reference in the future when users ask similar questions or make similar statements to Copilot.

If you are curious on the details about how Answers works, check out docs on Answers.

How are answers used?

Think of providing an answer to Copilot as like saying to a human assistant “you should have answered this question this way”. The assistant will then refer back to this answer when it receives a similar question or statement from a user. But it won’t repeat the answer verbatim. Copilot still has the ability to reformulate or re-word an answer to fit the user’s particular circumstance. This is the magic of LLMs — they are really good at taking information and making it fit a specific situation.