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Copilot Personality

We not only want Copilot to accurately answer user questions (that's always top of mind 🫡), but we want it to be an enjoyable, fun experience.

We know different companies have different styles and tones of addressing their audience, so we built Personalities to help make your Copilot (or Jack or Susie or whichever name you choose for it) to feel like it's part of your brand.

Creating your Copilot's Personality

In the Copilot settings, you'll find a section called Personality. Here's where you'll be able to customize your Sim. Ahem, Copilot.

CommandBar Copilot Personality

  • Name. Pretty self-explanatory. Some of our thoughts on naming your chatbot here.
  • Avatar. Set a custom avatar for Copilot. Format should be SVG, 40px x 40px
  • Template. Give Copilot guidance on how it should sound when conversing with customers.
    • If you select Custom under this dropdown, you can go a layer deeper into the customization with the following levers:
      • Personality adjectives. Use adjectives to customize how Copilot should sound when responding. 🥸 Serious and formal, or ☕️ Warm and cheerful?
      • Response length. Use this to tweak how long generated responses should be.
      • Response format. Do you want your Copilot to use lists/bullet points, respond in paragraphs, or a mix of both?
  • Custom instructions (prev. System prompts). Set up custom prompts for Copilot to achieve when conversing. E.g. "Mention a new feature we just released," "Always respond to questions in Spanish," or "Always end off a message with Ciao Bella."

Remember, as you customize these fields, you can chat with your Copilot on the right to see how the conversation changes. Once you're happy with it, click Save and the changes will be published.