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Fallbacks / Human chat

A common question about Copilot is: what happens when it doesn't know the answer, or isn't giving the user what they want. In these scenarios, Copilot is designed to fall back to a backup plan, which is normally to direct your users to a human to talk to.

Setting up a fallback message

You can set up your fallback message in the Dashboard. You can set up both a message and a CTA, which appears as a button. The options available for fallback CTAs are:

  • Open a link
  • Open chat (using our human chat integrations)
  • Click an element on the page (useful if you have a “Chat with us” button or something similar that can be clicked to activate)
  • Dismiss Copilot

CommandBar Copilot Fallback

When does the fallback message show?

The fallback message shows whenever Copilot deems that it doesn’t have a good response to the user. This could be due to Copilot’s own judgement, or in response to feedback from the user. Feedback from the user could come in two forms:

  • Explicit feedback on a Copilot response
  • Implicit feedback based on the content and sentiment of a user’s response

Connecting fallback to a chat provider

You can view our human chat integrations here.

Analyzing fallback situations

From your Copilot analytics dashboard you can view chats that included a fallback message. Filtering to only show these chats is a great way to quickly spot check chats which didn’t succeed in helping the user (at least not the query that triggered the fallback).