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Additional resources section

HelpHub is meant to be personalized, but you may have some stalwart destinations that you want to make sure every user has easy access to. Things like your Help center or community forum. The solution for links like these is the humbly-named “Additional resources” section. Here you can set links to show to every user when they open HelpHub, tucked away beneath the more personalized content. As you would expect, you can also add rich experiences.

Anatomy of Additional Resources

This section is pretty simple. You can add up to 8 experiences, and one primary CTA. The primary CTA is intended for the action you want to make dead simple. Many customers choose to make this button open up a human-powered chat, which can you can achieve with one our integrations.

What can I add to this section?

Not just links! You can also add:

  • Any action (actions with arguments will open up Copilot when selected)
  • Open chat (using our human chat integrations)
  • Nudges
  • Pages
  • Videos
  • and more!