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Getting content into HelpHub

Getting content into HelpHub is like breathing life into Frankenstein’s monster, if the monster was a helpful in-product experience to assist your users.

There are a few ways to do it, listed below in order of most common and easiest, to most niche.

Sync a source

Sources are CommandBar’s building block for a set of content. One of the most common use cases for sources is to include content in HelpHub (but there are other uses to, like training Copilot on your product).

You can read more about creating a source here.

A single document

If you want to get one specific page into CommandBar, and it doesn’t live within a sync-able source, you can create a custom document via what we call a File (we're good Namers, we know, you're reading the doc about HelpHub, ok). You can write this from scratch or paste it from another source.

Custom documents can be written in raw text or HTML (which lets you format your documents with headers, include images, etc.).

Question and Answer

The Answer building block is used for representing common questions users ask. One of the use cases of answers is to make them searchable in HelpHub. You can think of them as specific types of Files, tailored for the purpose of representing FAQs.

Content security

Note that all content that is added to CommandBar, whether synced via a source or uploaded as a custom doc-file, is stored using the same enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant process. You can read more about our security policies here.