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HelpHub launcher

Does a HelpHub configured without a prominent launcher make a sound?

Your launcher is your users’ entry point to HelpHub. Getting it right is the difference between an experience that many users open all the time and actually enjoy using, and one that no one sees.

Configuring a launcher

To set up a launcher for HelpHub, head to Dashboard -> HelpHub -> Settings. Open the Launcher section, and from there, you have several options:

Floating launcher

This type of launcher is a floating button, that normally lives in the bottom right of your product (users are trained to look there for entry points to assistance experiences). The big benefit of this approach is that the launcher is easy to find and always available, since it floats above other parts of your product.

Custom element

This approach allows you to select an element in your product that, when clicked, will open HelpHub. The extra nice part of this approach is that it (like the floating launcher method) doesn’t require any code. Just use the Chrome extension to select an element, and you’re off to the races.

This approach works well when you have built a custom launcher that you prefer to the floating launcher options and that you have confirmed will exist on every page.

No launcher

This is a bit of a confusing name. You should always have a launcher! This approach just doesn’t specify what the launcher is going to be. To set up a custom launcher, you can ask an engineer to use the .toggleHelpHub SDK method.

Other ways to open HelpHub

A launcher is not the only way to open HelpHub.

Help article from Spotlight

If you enable sources to be searched from Spotlight, when a user selects a result, it will open in HelpHub.

This also applies to videos that are searched from Spotlight.

Help article via SDK

You can create buttons that open HelpHub to a specific article using the .toggleHelpHub SDK.

Multiple launchers

There are several experiences in CommandBar that require a launcher. In fact, all the Assistance experiences do — HelpHub, Copilot, and Spotlight. How are you supposed to include 3 launchers in one product???

First off, a reminder, you don’t need to use all 3 Assistance widgets. But they work better together, and we strongly encourage you to (imagine we said this in a mafia-style voice).

So now you want to use all of them. We recommend setting up different launchers for each experience:

  • Spotlight: search bar icon
  • HelpHub: get help icon
  • Copilot: ask a question icon