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HelpHub overview

HelpHub is our Assist experience designed to be a portal to your content — documentation, walkthrough guides, video tutorials, and marketing content.

Imagine you could create a personalized magazine for every user. Whenever they open it, it shows content that is relevant to them, where they are in your product, and what they’ve read recently.

In addition, HelpHub is out-of-the-box searchable with natural language, so users can pinpoint any content they’re particularly interested in.

CommandBar Helphub

Why should I use HelpHub?

There are a few situations in which HelpHub is a particularly good choice for your product.

  • Your product has a lot of good content (help docs, videos, etc.) but users don’t engage with it.
  • Your users open a lot of support questions.
  • Your users have a hard time getting started on their own.

How does HelpHub work

Although we love all our experiences, HelpHub is probably the easiest to get set up.

Step 1: Sync your content

HelpHub works best when it has access to all your content (content in the CommandBar sense). Syncing your content usually just requires providing the URL where it lives -- you can read more about that here.

CommandBar Helphub Sync your content

Step 2: Customize HelpHub’s style

At this point, you can try out HelpHub live in the CommandBar Studio. You can view articles and see how natural language search works.

CommandBar Customize Helphub

Step 3: Create recommendation sets

Recommendation sets help ensure your users see relevant content.

CommandBar Helphub Recommendation Set

Step 4: Decide on a launcher

A launcher is how your users will access HelpHub in your product. You can choose to use one of our out-of-the-box launchers or design your own.

CommandBar Helphub Launcher

Step 5: Launch to your users

If CommandBar is already installed in your product, then there’s nothing more to do to launch HelpHub to users other than click “Enable HelpHub”. Otherwise, see installation instructions here.

CommandBar Helphub Enabled