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How HelpHub search works

HelpHub’s goal is to show users relevant content whenever they open it up, but it is also designed to be a natural language entry point into all of your content.

This doc explains how HelpHub’s search works across different types of content.

Natural language

Out-of-the-box, HelpHub uses natural language, or “semantic” search (for the big nerds out there). That means when users search for something, HelpHub will show results that match the meaning of what they searched, not just the words themselves.

For example, let’s say a user searches for “how to add seats” but you don’t use the word “seats” anywhere in your docs. HelpHub is smart enough to know that “seats” refers to the concept of adding users, so will return any results that relate to adding users, upgrading your plan to add more users, etc.

Document results

When you add content to HelpHub, CommandBar automatically breaks up your content into passages (roughly speaking, paragraphs). This allows our search algorithm to look for the passages that are most relevant to your users’ query. The top document result in a HelpHub search will be the document that contains the passage that is most relevant to the user’s query.

Video results

HelpHub searches over videos too. When you add a video to CommandBar, HelpHub will automatically let users search for those videos based on the title of the video that you provide.