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Recommendation sets

Recommendation sets allow you to explicitly personalize HelpHub’s default state for different users and different situations.

You can configure recommendation sets for HelpHub at Dashboard -> HelpHub -> Recommendations.

HelpHub Recommendation Set

Why should I use recommendation sets?

Recommendation sets ensure that users see relevant content when they open HelpHub. Relevant means a few things:

  • Who (specific to the type of user): you probably have content aimed at newer users (basic how-to guides, content that explains the value of a subscription) and existing users (more sophisticated guides that assume more product understanding). Showing novice content to a power user is almost as bad as showing advanced content to a power user. Imagine walking into Algebra class and seeing multivariable calculus on the blackboard (we are old, in case you couldn’t tell).
  • Where (Specific to the page or part of your product from which they opened HelpHub). Seeing content about a feature they don’t have access to a module they’ve never used is usually enough to make a user think “this isn’t an interesting place to be”.

You can read more about how our targeting system works here. It's a key part of how we ensure you don't end up annoying users more than you help them.

How does recommendation set targeting work?

Recommendation set targeting works similarly to other targeting in CommandBar, with distinct Who conditions (that leverage Audiences) and Where conditions. When conditions do not apply to recommendation sets.

Helphub Recommendation Set Targeting

Featured cards/tiles are an excellent way to draw users' attention to the best content, and since pictures say a thousand words, you can put 2 thousand words front and center! Here's how:

HelpHub Featured Cards

  • Get your images ready: We recommend an aspect ratio of 2:3 and minimum size of 200x150, but you can also double those sizes for clearer thumbnails. The one we use internally is 500 × 375 pixels!
  • Add your images to a help doc:
  1. Head to Dashboard -> Content
  2. Click on the Source that your help doc is from
  3. Find the help doc you want to update (the search bar makes that easy) and select it
  4. Upload the image to the thumbnail section:

Help Doc Add Thumbnail

  • Add your help doc to a recommendation set:: Using the steps above