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How Spotlight search works

You might have stumbled upon this page because you didn’t understand why Spotlight surfaced up a particular result in response to your query (or a user’s query that you saw in your analytics dashboard).

Or maybe you're an eager, clever beaver and anticipated this situation occurring in your galaxy brain.

Either way, this doc has what you seek!

Searching records

Record search works differently to other types of search in Spotlight. If you use one of our backend search integrations OR connect CommandBar to a search endpoint (developer guide here), then CommandBar will rely on your search results. In other words, Spotlight just shows whatever results your search integration returns. CommandBar is not a backend search product and does not provide out-of-the-box search for data. In fact, backend search for data is a non-feature that we don't plan to build.

There is one exception: if you provide records to CommandBar via the SDK as a list of records, CommandBar will search across those records using our client-side semantic search algorithm.

Searching everything else

For everything else, CommandBar uses our own natural language search algorithm.