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What can be searched through Spotlight

You can think of Spotlight as a “federated search bar”, that lets users query multiple types of stuff at once.

Here is the full list of stuff types:

  • Pages are the most commonly searchable items in Spotlight. Some Spotlight implementations only include pages!
  • Records are data. You can add multiple types of records to CommandBar, using our integrations or SDK. Each data type will appear as a separate category in Spotlight. Using records, you can make almost anything searchable.
  • Nudges are by default searchable in Spotlight. You can make a nudge unavailable in search by toggling off Show in search.

Content (sources, videos, files, answers) is better suited for HelpHub. However, there are some special cases where you might want to make content searchable in Spotlight, such as on a docs site like this one. For these rare cases, we can help you implement a Records-based approach.