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Answers are an especially fun building block. They are intended to be quick-and-easy “plugs” for information you want to make available to HelpHub and Copilot, without the full burden of a Source or File.

You can add new Answers at Dashboard -> Content -> Answers.

How answers are used in CommandBar

Answers are used in both HelpHub and Copilot:

  1. In HelpHub recommendation sets
  2. In HelpHub search results
  3. As training content for Copilot

The structure of an answer

Every answer consists of the following pieces

  • Question: Answers are supposed to be answers to a specific question.
  • Answer: The answer to the question. Try to keep this section short and punchy, since answers are supposed to be more digestible and skimmable than full-scale docs imported via a source.
  • [Optional] CTA: A call-to-action that is associated with the answer.

Let’s do an example. Let’s say you want to make it super obvious to your users how to upgrade their account, because, I don’t know, you like making money. You might create an answer that looks like this:

  • Question: How do I upgrade my account?
  • Answer: You can upgrade your account from the "Subscription" page located in your account settings. You can either choose a different tier or add seats to your existing subscription.
  • CTA: Go there now [when clicked, takes user to the page from which they can upgrade]

How Copilot uses Answers

By default, Copilot uses answers as training data. This way, when a user asks Copilot a question that is similar to an answer’s question field, Copilot can respond in a way that incorporates the information from the provided answer, but in a way that is personalized to the user’s question and circumstance. This is the magic of using LLMs to power user assistance: you don’t have to provide canned, annoying chatbot-style questions; you can deliver each user a personalized experience.

For example, let’s imagine a user asks a question like “Where can I add seats to my account”. If Copilot is trained on the answer above, then it might answer with

You can add seats to your account by visiting the "Subscription" page. From
here you can also move your account to a different tier.

CTA: "Add seats now"

As you can see, this is similar to the Answer; it uses the same information, but it is repackaged in a way that answers the user’s question precisely.

How to add an Answer in CommandBar

You can add an Answer to CommandBar at Dashboard -> Content -> Answers. Just provide a question, answer, and optionally a CTA. Then, to put the Answer into production, make sure you change its status to Published.