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Content is king. Bill Gates said it in 1996, and we’re saying it today. Amazing how he predicted CommandBar way back then. Smart guy.

In CommandBar, content refers to a group of building blocks that collectively represent material that already exists and can be used in some way by CommandBar.

There are a few different types of content:

  • Sources: like a help center or marketing websites
  • Answers: short answers to specific questions (think FAQs)
  • Videos: for example, walkthrough videos that explain your user interface
  • Files: one-off docs, like a PDF file

Why should I connect content to CommandBar?

Content plays a number of roles in CommandBar. Some of the most important are:

  • Content provides training material for Copilot. Copilot can train itself on source content, instant answers, custom files, you name it. You can also create answers to guide how Copilot should respond to specific questions.
  • Content can be made searchable in HelpHub and Spotlight.
  • Content can be referenced by Nudges. You can send users to a specific piece of content from, for example, an interventional tour that shows up when the user appears confused.

How do I add content to CommandBar?

In the CommandBar Dashboard, navigate to the Content section. From here you can connect the various types of content we support.