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Videos are fun. Everyone loves a great video. When wielded appropriately, videos can be part of a user assistance strategy to wow your users.

You can view your videos at Dashboard -> Content -> Videos.

Where videos can be used in CommandBar

Videos loaded into CommandBar can be used in a variety of places.

  1. In HelpHub recommendation sets. For example, to show page-specific explainer videos.
  2. In HelpHub search results. A particularly cool feature of this use case is video transcript search. Out of the box, CommandBar transcribes videos and makes transcripts searchable. You can read more about this below.
  3. As training data and suggestions in Copilot. Video transcripts can be incorporated into Copilot’s training data set, so information contained there can be factored into responses. In addition, if a user asks about a topic that is covered in a video, Copilot will recommend the video at the point in the video that is most relevant to the question (how cool is that!)
  4. Embedded in nudges. A great way to spice up a nudge is to include a relevant video.
  5. As a step in a Checklist. A video is a great way to break up a list. Especially if the list is long and includes a lot of tasks the user must complete.

Adding a video to CommandBar

To add a video to CommandBar, head to Dashboard -> Content -> Videos, then click Add video in the top right.

From here you can upload a supported link or upload a video directly. You can also edit its title and add a custom thumbnail (CommandBar will create one by default if you don't set one manually). We currently support videos hosted on YouTube, Loom, and Vimeo.

Video transcripts

Out of the box, CommandBar transcribes videos. Transcripts are used to train Copilot and can be searched (using natural language!) in HelpHub.

This has a huge impact on video discovery. Now if a user asks a question or searches for a topic that is contained a video, that video will be surfaced. This in our experience massively increases engagement rate with videos.