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The Tools tab in the Extension Editor shows what calls have been made to the CommandBar SDK during your session. If you're trying to understand why CommandBar isn't working as you expect during development, use the debugger to see if errant SDK calls are being made.

Common debugging scenarios

Here are some common situations in which the Debugger tab can come in handy:

  • An action or page is unavailable in Spotlight: Make sure calls that supply dependencies (e.g. window.CommandBar.addMetadata and window.CommandBar.addCallback) are firing as expected.
  • An action is behaving weirdly: Make sure calls contain the right arguments. You inspect the arguments passed to SDK methods from the debugger by clicking on the plus button.
  • CommandBar seems slow: make sure you aren't calling any CommandBar SDK calls in loops or in render functions.

Additional debugging tools

  • Metadata Inspector
  • Metadata Simulator
  • Environment Checks