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Troubleshooting installation

Here are some common situations in which you may find yourself, disgruntled, while installing CommandBar and not seeing what you expect.

First confirm that you have actually installed CommandBar, and aren't just using the extension to preview an experience. Using the extension only makes CommandBar available to you on your local browser. Installing CommandBar for real makes CommandBar available to the application/site where you have installed it for all users.

Why doesn’t any launcher show up?

Check your console for errors and warnings.

  • If you see CORS errors, then make sure to add our CSP directives to your allowlist as detailed here.
  • If you see a warning that you need to boot CommandBar, then make sure that your code for window.CommandBar.boot() is being called.
  • If you see neither of these, try entering window.CommandBar in your dev console

I added a nudge, but I don’t see it?

When designing nudges, you might want to experience them directly in your product. To do this, make sure you click Preview from the Studio or Extension. Doing this will ensure the experience shows up _as it would for a user who meets all targeting criteria.