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RudderStack integration

Configuring the RudderStack integration

This is a 1-step integration!

Navigate to /integrations and click Enable on the RudderStack integration card.

RudderStack integration card

Confirm the integration is working

  1. In RudderStack, click on “Sources”, then select the source that is used in your application

    RudderStack sources UI

  2. Click “Live events”

    RudderStack live events button

  3. Go to your application and trigger a few CommandBar events (e.g., opening Copilot, HelpHub, or Spotlight). Go back to RudderStack’s Live events, and you should see those events reflected.

    RudderStack live events UI


How does this work? What pages will events be sent from?

Events generated by CommandBar will now flow to RudderStack from any page in your product where (a) CommandBar is booted and (b) RudderStack is installed.

Why don’t I see events flowing through?

CommandBar sends events to RudderStack via rudderanalytics.track(). If you use a different RudderStack SDK version, you can do the following:

  1. Disable the integration

    Disable RudderStack integration UI

  2. After you init CommandBar, put the following code in your app:

    window.CommandBar.addEventSubscriber((eventName, eventData) => {
    // replace the line below with your SDK method