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CMS integrations overview

CommandBar integrates with the most content management systems to allow you to pull content you author into CommandBar.

What is the purpose of these integrations?

CMS’s host content that could enrich various experiences in CommandBar. The most common examples of this are training Copilot on content (e.g. using articles from a help center) and making articles available in HelpHub.

Often, CMS’s will house internal documentation, whereas knowledge bases will house external-facing documentation. In situations like this, you can enable the “training only” setting when creating your CMS integration. This will allow Copilot to use the content in your CMS for training, but it will never reveal direct quotes from the content to end users. Note that if this setting is turned on, then no content from the source can be used for any purpose other than training Copilot.

What can I do if I use a CMS you don’t integrate with?

CommandBar can scrape any public website for content. If you have published the content that lives in a CMS to the public well, CommandBar can ingest that content.

  1. Go to Content, then “Add Source”.

    Add generic source

  2. Select “Add a website”, then click “Next”.

    Website option

  3. Enter your site URL, and optionally sync only the specified URL or filter it by path (e.g., only URLs that contain /docs).

    Site URL options

  4. Adjust the settings as desired.

    1. Sync frequency: The frequency of syncs. Note: automatic syncs are only available on Growth and Enterprise tiers.
      1. Manual — synced manually
      2. Weekly — automatically synced weekly
      3. Daily — automatically synced daily
    2. Default visibility: If set to "Live", your help docs will immediately be searchable in Spotlight.

    Source settings

  5. Click “Connect”. Once imported, you can access your content and modify as needed!

    Sources post-import