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Wordpress integration

Setting up the Wordpress integration

  1. Go to Integrations. Click “Add” on the Wordpress card.

    Wordpress integration card

  2. Enter your domain.

    1. Our integration pulls from https://www.{{}}/wp-json/wp/v2/posts . Let us know if your posts/content should be fetched from a different URL and we’ll update your integration accordingly.

    Wordpress integration inputs

  3. Optionally, adjust the settings. For more details on settings, read the section below.

  4. Click “Connect”. Your content will start syncing. Once synced, you can click on the card to see the imported docs.

    Wordpress import success

Automatic syncs

If on a Growth or Enterprise plan, you can set up your content to sync automatically — either daily or weekly.

Wordppress integration settings

  1. Sync frequency: The frequency of syncs. Note: automatic syncs are only available on Growth and Enterprise tiers.

    1. Manual — synced manually
    2. Weekly — automatically synced weekly
    3. Daily — automatically synced daily
  2. Default visibility: If set to "Live", your help docs will immediately be searchable in Spotlight.

    Integration settings


I set up my integration, why was nothing imported?

First, confirm that your domain is correct.

Second, check https://www.{{}}/wp-json/wp/v2/posts. If that page is empty or restricted, then let us know. It’s possible that your content needs to be fetched from a different URL!