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Intercom integration

Configuring the Intercom integration for content

  1. Go to Integrations. Click “Add” on the Intercom card.

    Intercom integration card

  2. Enable Intercom API access. If not already logged into Intercom, you will need to log in.

    Intercom API access

  3. Optionally, adjust the settings. For more details on settings, read the section below.

  4. Click “Connect”. Your Intercom docs will start to sync. Once synced, you can click on the card to see the imported docs.

    Intercom import success

Intercom help docs integration settings

  1. Sync frequency: The frequency of syncs. Note: automatic syncs are only available on Growth and Enterprise tiers.

    1. Manual — synced manually
    2. Weekly — automatically synced weekly
    3. Daily — automatically synced daily
  2. Default visibility: If set to "Live", your help docs will immediately be searchable in Spotlight.

    Integration settings

Configuring the Intercom chat handoff integration in Copilot

  1. From Copilot settings, expand the “Chat” section.

  2. For the CTA: use the “Open chat” option and select “Intercom”.

    Intercom open chat CTA

  3. When Copilot can’t find an answer to your user’s query, they’ll have the option to use your fallback CTA.

    Copilot fallback CTA

Configuring the Intercom chat handoff integration in HelpHub

  1. From HelpHub settings, expand the “Additional Resources” section

  2. Add your Support CTA (e.g., “Chat with support”) and set up the button click to “Open Chat” → Intercom.

    Intercom support CTA

  3. Your HelpHub will display your support CTA at the bottom.

    HelpHub support CTA


How can I hide the Intercom launcher so that it can only be opened via Copilot or HelpHub?

You can hide the Intercom Messenger launcher by following this guide.

How can I make Copilot or HelpHub trigger Intercom(’show’)?

The Copilot and HelpHub integrations above actually use Intercom('show') ”behind the scenes”. If you use either of those integrations, you’ll get this functionality automatically.

How can our support agent access the chat history after Copilot “hands off” to Intercom?

While Copilot chat data does not flow through to Intercom, it can be accessed from our analytics dashboard here