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Data lake integrations overview

CommandBar integrates with the most popular data lakes — including Redshift and Snowflake.

What is the purpose of these integrations?

A data lake (data warehouse? we don’t really know the difference 😬) stores data that you might want to use in the future. Data lakes love data. CommandBar generates data. Data lakes love CommandBar.

To facilitate this romance, CommandBar can send data to the data lake you’re using to house other data about product usage.

These integrations are some of our only one-way integrations in CommandBar. Data goes in, but data doesn’t come back (we have other integrations, like our CDP integrations, for that kind of bidirectional business).

What can I do if I use a data lake you don’t integrate with?

Answer: Use our SDK and API

Fear not. Our integrations are a relatively thin layer on top of some pretty basic general-purpose SDK and API methods that you can use to create your own integration with any third-party data lake.

For this, you’ll use an event subscriber. Simply create an event subscriber and within the body of that subscriber send the event payload to the data lake of your choice.

// The function that handles CommandBar events
const myHandler = (eventName, eventData) => {
sendToDataLake({ name: eventName, ...eventData });

// Subscribe to CommandBar events
const unsubPromise = window.CommandBar.addEventSubscriber(myHandler);

// Later, call the function returned by the promise
// to unsubscribe your handler from CommandBar events.
unsubPromise.then((unsub) => unsub());