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Slack integration

What you can do with the Slack integration

We have big plans for our slack integration, but today it serves a relatively humble person — alerting you whenever a user submits a survey response. We use this ourselves at CommandBar. It’s a great way to

  • Keep a pulse on what users are submitting (and easily broadcast that pulse to anyone in the Slack channel where results are sent).
  • Quickly act on high-signal results. For example, if a user submits a complaint or a low NPS score, someone from your team can reach out to them immediately to begin the healing process.

Setting up the Slack integration

  1. Go to Integrations, and click “Connect” on the Slack integration card. Connect Slack integration
  2. Select a Slack channel and click “Allow”. Allow CommandBar access to Slack
  3. New survey responses will start to appear in the specified Slack channel.