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Algolia integration

Setting up the Algolia integration

  1. Go to Integrations, and click “Connect” on the Algolia integration card.

    Connect Algolia integration

  2. Input your (a) Application ID; (b) API key

    1. Follow the instructions here to find you application ID.
    2. We recommend using a “Main API key” (Algolia docs). Your API key must have the following access controls enabled: search, browse, listIndexes. Learn more about API key access controls here.

    Algolia integration inputs

  3. Configure the indexes that you want to integrate. If an index does not appear, make sure that (i) your API key has the permissions listed above; (ii) your index has at least one record. Required configuration fields:

    1. Label: the string (text) the user sees when searching
    2. URL: the URL that the user is navigated to when they select a record (e.g., /path/{{}}). 99.9% of the time, you will want to use {{record.field}} to interpolate it in a field from the selected index record.

    Algolia integration configuration

  4. Once done, try searching for some records on the Spotlight tab.

    Algolia records