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Search Integrations

CommandBar integrates with the most popular third-party search platforms to make it easy to pull records into Spotlight.

What is the purpose of these integrations?

Our search integrations have a narrower use case than most of our integrations (which typically plug into multiple experience types). Search integrations are used specifically for making records (i.e. user-searchable data) searchable in Spotlight. Connecting Spotlight to your backend search provider enables it to function a universal search bar, that can search across actions, pages, and data. This tends to be more effective in most settings than using Spotlight in conjunction with a separate searchbar for data.

What can I do if I use a backend search provider you don’t integrate with?

We have an SDK method for this! You can hook up any backend search provider that exposes a search API endpoint using the CommandBar.addRecords method.

const onSearchContacts = async (query) => {
const response = fetch(`${query}`);

return response.json()

// Register search function to CommandBar
window.CommandBar.addRecords("contacts", [], {
onInputChange: onSearchContacts,