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Announcement templates

There have been many great speeches in history, and many began with the orator studying the great speeches that came before them. Announcements are no different - we've created a list of templates for you to stand on the shoulders of. If these do not fit your needs, fear not, you can create your own custom announcement templates.


Announcements can be announcing anything great — like an upcoming event, new product, or something else news-worthy. For the announcement nudge, we use a modal formfactor to grab the user’s attention.

Be careful to not over-use this form factor, as doing so can contribute to pop-up fatigue.

CommandBar Announcement Template


Everybody loves an upgrade. Upgrade nudges encourage users to take that tantalizing step and “convert” — whatever that means for your product. It could mean start a free trial, or upgrade to a paid plan.

For this template we use a popover form factor.

CommandBar Upgrade Template

Simple notification

This template can be used for non-critical notifications, like informing users of an upcoming maintenance period. For this template we use an unassuming popover.

CommandBar Simple Notification Template