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Making Nudges discoverable

Once you've created some nudges, it's easy to make them discoverable across HelpHub, Spotlight, and Copilot.

Adding Nudges to Recommendation Sets

To add a Nudge to a Recommendation Set, add a new Recommendation Set item, then select either "Show nudge" or "Show checklist". From there, you'll be able to select your Nudge.

Making Nudges searchable in HelpHub and Spotlight

By default, Product Tours are searchable in both HelpHub and Spotlight, but other types of Nudges are not. To update a Nudge's searchability settings, enable or disable the "Searchable in HelpHub" or "Searchable in Spotlight" toggles here:

Searchable Nudges

Recommending Nudges in Copilot

To recommend Nudges in Copilot, enable the "Suggest in Copilot" setting and give a description to Copilot about what the Nudge is and/or when it should be displayed. Copilot can then recommend a tour if a user is getting started, a Page if a user needs to get somewhere, and more.


Audiences apply to Nudges in all of the above areas. If a Nudge isn't available to the current audience, then it won't show up in recommendation sets, search, or Copilot!