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Multistep Nudges

Nudges love company. For Tours, Surveys, and Announcements, you can add multiple steps to the nudge.

Adding multiple steps

To add a step to a nudge sequence, hover over the “Add step” button at the bottom of the nudge editor and then select the type of nudge (modal, popover, or pin) you want to add.

You’ll notice that when you have multiple steps created within a nudge, you can move between the steps by clicking on the title (we’ll collapse all but the one you’re editing to save room).

Also, when you’re editing a step, we’ll automatically open that one in your preview (whether you’re in the Studio or Extension). You can also simulate moving between steps by clicking on the “Continue” button in any step (or whatever you change the title of the primary button to).

CommandBar Multi-step Nudge

Advancing to the next step

When you create a new step, CommandBar will automatically adjust the action of the button in the previous step to advance the nudge to the next step in the sequence.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to progress to the next step when a user clicks something inside your app, instead of a button on the nudge. In that case, when using a pin nudge, you can set up an advance trigger. The advance trigger will let you select any element in your app, and when clicked, advances the nudge to the next step.

Here's how to add an advance trigger: Add an Advance Trigger

Showing step counters

When you have a multistep nudge, it can sometimes be helpful to show users where they are in the sequence. This can help prevent users from feeling like they are stuck in an endless nudge loop that they can’t escape (like some sort of demented fever dream).

CommandBar Step Counter

To show step counters, click on the settings button on the top right of your nudge and toggle “Show step counter”. Doing this will add a step counter to each step of your nudge sequence.

CommandBar Show Step Counter