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Checklist overview

Checklists are a special type of nudge. Instead of being a single message or sequence of message, they are a list of things you are asking (pleading?) the user perform.

Why would you want to give users a to-do list? That sounds pretty paternalistic, no? When crafted well, checklists can more effectively guide users through a series of steps than a tour. Why? The formfactor is a bit more "forgiving". It gives users time to complete the items at their pace. There's no pulsing orb of the tour to hurry them.

How to create a checklist

If you've created other nudges, you know the drill by now. Navigate to Dashboard -> Nudges -> Checklists. From here, you can start a brand new checklist or begin with a template.

CommandBar Checklist

Situations where you can use tours

Some common nails for which a checklist is the appropriate hammer:

  • For your happy paths: flows you want to make it very easy for users to complete in sequence
  • For your trickiest paths: flows that generate support requests because of how tricky they are. They might involve completing actions in different parts of your product, for example.
  • For stringing together features that a particular audience might care about
  • For outlining required onboarding steps that a user must complete