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Survey templates

Surveys are like a blank canvas — you can paint many different pictures with them. Infinitely many, we guess.

We’ve pre-created a few templates that correspond to some of the most common surveys we see out there on the internet. If these aren't cool enough for you, you can create your own custom survey templates.

User feedback

This template uses our survey block to ask users for short-form text feedback. This is especially powerful when paired with our confusion detection trigger, since it’s especially useful to gather feedback about why a user is confused in the moment when they’re experiencing confusion.

CommandBar User Feedback Template


Rating also uses a survey block, this time to capture how a user feels about something — like your product, the feature they’re using or anything else.

CommandBar Rating Template


NPS, love it or hate it, is an extremely common measure of user happiness. This template lets you quickly spin up an NPS survey. Make sure you don’t let your trigger bias your sample. For example, if you show an NPS survey to users who appear confused, you are likely to get lower rating 🙂

CommandBar NPS Template