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Tours overview

The fundamental theory of product design: users spend more time in other products than they do yours. No matter how well-designed your interface, no matter how much user testing you do, users are going to find aspects of your product confusing.

That's where tours come in - they help show users a path through your product, and give them context for what each step does.

How to create a tour

Navigate to Dashboard -> Nudges -> Product Tours, click New, and from here you can start with a template or create a new tour from scratch.

Tours can have any number of steps.

CommandBar Tours Overview

Situations where you can use tours

Some common situations where you might want to employ a Tour:

  • To explain a new part of your interface to existing users
  • To proactively walk a new user through a critical flow
  • To guide a confused user toward help resources
  • To respond to a user's query of the form "How do I do X?"