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Events are used to tell CommandBar when the user experiences things in your product. The more events CommandBar is aware of, the better targeting rules you can create to ensure your experiences are timely and helpful, and not annoying.

What kinds of events should I provide to CommandBar?

It’s easy to send any event you want to CommandBar, but what events should you send?

As a starting point, you should send CommandBar any events caused by user interactions where you want nudge experience trigger. For example, if you want to trigger a nudge on a button press, you should send CommandBar an event on that interaction.

For interactions in your app where something changes already (for example, a button that triggers a pop-up or a button that triggers a path change), you don’t have to send events — CommandBar can automatically use those as triggers without having to explicitly send an event.

Connecting events via integration

Our integrations with various analytics providers, including Segment and Heap. This means that any events being captured by these tools are automatically provided to CommandBar when they happen.

Creating events manually

If you don’t use an analytics provider and/or want to provide extra events not currently captured by those tools, you can use the CommandBar SDK to trigger events manually. This approach is easy. (usually a 5-minute exercise involving one line of code) but requires a developer.