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Share links

Share links are a specific type of targeting that allows experiences to be triggered only when users visit a specific link (created to share that experience).

  • Embed them in the product: this creates an easy way to build hooks into CommandBar experiences from the product. For example, you can create buttons that say “Show me around” to trigger a product tour.
  • Share with users via support chat: when users ask for help doing an action in your product, agents can share a tour. This has the advantage of (1) saving the agent time (they don’t have to explain the process to the user or co-browse) and (2) it trains the user to take the action themselves next time.
  • Create them for sales prospects: share links are a great way to show off features to sales prospects, and has the added benefit of getting prospects into your product.
  • Include them in marketing content: especially content that is about product updates, like drip campaigns and changelog entries.

Every nudge experience can be shared via share link. You can copy that link from the top of the dashboard.

CommandBar Create Sharelink

To ensure that the experience is only available via share link, set the Where condition of your experience to When Share Link is viewed.

When an experience is shared via share link, Who and When conditions are automatically ignored.