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Record security details

Records are a primitive used by CommandBar that represent user data which can be searched via Spotlight. We designed records to avoid any record data needing to touch CommandBar servers.

Record data flow

There are two ways to connect records to CommandBar. The data paths of these two methods differ slightly, but in neither case does record data touch CommandBar servers.

  1. Via integration. When you use an integration (like our Elastic or Algolia integrations) queries are sent directly from the client-side to your back-end search provider. Records returned to the client are then used by CommandBar without being sent to our servers.
  2. Via code (full details here).
    1. If CommandBar is connected to a search function, then that search function will be used to send requests from the client to your backend search destination.
    2. If records are loaded directly into CommandBar, those records remain local on the client-side.