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Role-based access control

When adding multiple people to your team, it's often necessary to keep some of them away from the big red buttons and glitter cannons. After all, not everyone should have the power to launch the next big thing or accidentally nuke it.

To make life easier and prevent accidental chaos, CommandBar lets you assign one of four different roles to everyone on your team. You can change roles from the Team page, which you can reach by clicking on the profile menu button in the bottom left and then selecting Team. It's like giving out superhero capes, but with less spandex.

Change team members' roles on the team page


Administrators have all the powers: they can create and publish content, edit organization settings, change team members' roles, and even revoke access. Basically, they’re the ones with the keys to the kingdom.


Editors are like the creative geniuses who can play with all the fun tools in CommandBar's sandbox. They can create and publish nudges, configure checklists, add new integrations, and more. However, they can't mess with the organization settings, invite new team members, or access the billing page. Think of them as the artists who can’t change the frame or set the price.


Contributors are similar to Editors but with one crucial limitation: they can't touch anything that's already published. It's like they can decorate the cake but can't serve it. This means they also can't unpublish an experience. They get to play, but they can't accidentally (or intentionally) break anything that's live.


Viewers are the spectators in the CommandBar arena. They can't change any settings or edit experiences, but they get the best seats in the house to watch all the action. They can view all of CommandBar's analytics pages and see the configuration of your experiences. They're like the audience with a backstage pass, but without the risk of tripping over any cables.