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addArgumentChoices(key, initialValue, options?)

Adds a list of a data to be used as argument choices. It has the same syntax as .addRecords, except that .addRecords includes additional options that are specific to records.


// Example 1: Add a static array to argument choices
window.CommandBar.addArgumentChoices("users", ["Jane", "Jill", "Jack"]);

// Example 2: Add a static array to argument choices and turn on QuickFind
{ name: "Jane", id: 1 },
{ name: "Jill", id: 2 },
{ name: "Jack", id: 3 },
labelKey: "name",

// Example 3: Custom search function, no default value
const onSearchContacts = (query) => {
return fetch(`${query}`).then((response) =>

// Register search function to CommandBar
window.CommandBar.addArgumentChoices("contacts", [], {
onInputChange: onSearchContacts,

// Example 4: Add argument choices "lazily" with a loader function
// loader is called when Spotlight opens
// loader is NOT called on page load
window.CommandBar.addArgumentChoices(users, []);
window.CommandBar.addArgumentChoices(users, fetchUsersLoader);

Method parameters

key Required


Key for the list of argument choices.

initialValue Required

any | function

The initial value of key in the argument choices. There are two options: Static or Dynamic.

categorystringUsed to visually group the list of values with others that have the same category value.
iconstringIcon to be shown next to each value. Can be a URL (absolute or relative), emoji character, or an SVG string.



Options to customize properties for key.

onInputChangefunction | async functionAdds a custom search function to CommandBar for key.
searchableFieldsstring[]A list of object fields to be searched. If a custom searchFunction is provided, matches will be highlighted in these fields.
labelKeystringThe value key of key objects you want to use to display the object's label.
descriptionKeystringThe value key of key objects you want to use to display the object's description (subtext under label).
defaultIconstringDefault icon to show alongside key objects.