CommandBar gives Gusto's users easy access to features

Gusto bundles a lot of different functionality -- hiring, payroll, tax, insurance, and more. CommandBar lives at the top of Gusto's app for admins. Admins can search for what they're trying to do in their own words, and be shown the pages and help articles that correspond to their query.

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CommandBar gives Gusto's users easy access to features

Gusto gives businesses an all-in-one platform for managing and empowering their people.

Features Used


Create tabs that let users filter their search to specific records


Hide or disable commands according to factors like url or metadata


Promote commands to users based on metadata

Inline Form Factor

Change CommandBar's form factor to increase visibility

Help Center Integration

One click help center integration

Fuzzy Search

Control the fuzziness of the search algorithm

Slash Filters

Filter search results via text input


Create complex commands with arguments from users


Customize the appearance of CommandBar

Custom Components

Add custom UI to CommandBar's header, input, side panel, or footer

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight