CommandBar powers Laika's Launchpad

Laika wanted a super-fast way to let customers navigate the app and find answers to the questions they have.

Enter Launchpad, powered by CommandBar. Launchpad indexes all of Laika's pages, settings, and features in one convenient place for users to find and access.

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CommandBar powers Laika's Launchpad

Laika helps companies get compliance certified and pass enterprise security assessments fast.

Features Used


Hide or disable commands according to factors like url or metadata

Help Center Integration

One click help center integration

Fuzzy Search

Control the fuzziness of the search algorithm

Slash Filters

Filter search results via text input


Create complex commands with arguments from users


Customize the appearance of CommandBar

Custom Components

Add custom UI to CommandBar's header, input, side panel, or footer

Feature spotlight:
“Laika users love using CommandBar to seamlessly navigate the platform. As we make improvements to the product, it provides a way for our users to move through the platform without any hiccups. And a big plus: it’s actually fun to use.”
Taj Sangha
Senior Product Manager

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight