CommandBar gives Shortcut users wings

Users live in Shortcut -- speccing work, keeping track of projects, and more. CommandBar powers Shortcut's Power Bar.

Through Power Bar, users can take any action in Shortcut way faster than they could using the mouse. And customizable shortcuts mean users can create fast workflows personalized to how they use Shortcut.

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CommandBar gives Shortcut users wings

Shortcut is the project management tool for agile product and engineering teams to manage their work.

Features Used


Create tabs that let users filter their search to specific records

Help Center Integration

One click help center integration


Hide or disable commands according to factors like url or metadata


Promote commands to users based on metadata

Fuzzy Search

Control the fuzziness of the search algorithm

Slash Filters

Filter search results via text input


Create complex commands with arguments from users

Fallback Commands

Redirect after a query with no results

Custom Components

Add custom UI to CommandBar's header, input, side panel, or footer


Customize the appearance of CommandBar

Feature spotlight:
Navigate to common pages
"We use CommandBar to allow our users to really do anything that you can do inside the a way that’s faster and easier than anything they could do before."
Kurt Schrader

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight