A whole new way to get in-app help

Make your help content searchable within your product, supercharged with AI smarts so users can find the answers they need.

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Use cases

Make it simple for users to find what they need

Increase new user activation and reduce support requests by making your help content more actionable.

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Remove friction from onboarding

Whether you're onboarding them for the first time, or introducing a new feature, Questlists are the answer.

Drive feature adoption

Use modals for feature announcements and beacons to tour new experiences.

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Highlight important messages

Make sure all your messages get seen with a banner.

Educate users in-app

Use a popover to showcase help content or walkthrough videos.

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Showcase your help content in all its glory

Make your help content fully readable, with embedded images and videos, right inside your product.

Find exactly what you're looking for

With semantic search, users don’t have to memorize your app’s vocab. We’ll surface articles relevant to the topic the user is searching for, not just the words they use.

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Get instant answers

Instant answers mean users can get answers to questions they ask directly - no need to scroll around a help doc to find them.

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Use help docs in Nudges & Questlists

Steer users towards the content you know is useful at different times in the user journey.

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One bar to rule them all

Users can launch HelpHub with a button click, or integrate it into our universal search widget for action and content search in a single bar.

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Wide platform support

One-click sync for Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, Wix, WordPress, Insided, GitBook, Ghost, Document360 & ReadMe.

"CommandBar now replaces our old 'Contact Support' button and offers up helpful advice to our users based on their current context... clicking our chat button now opens up a customized CommandBar interface with quick-solutions right in front of them."

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight