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Make your software easier and faster to use with onboarding and discovery nudges, a delightfully fast universal searchbar, and a command palette for executing actions.

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Increase usage

CommandBar is optimized for performance: every interaction feels instantaneous. It'll give your users that everything-feels-faster feeling.

Easy to customize

Craft a personalized experience for both new and existing users based on where the user is and what the user has done before.

Edit without code

With our no-code editor, you can personalize your bar, set your command list, connect your data sources, and sync your help center in under an hour.

User-obsessed teams love CommandBar

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What you can expect with CommandBar

Every app needs search. CommandBar gives you one interface where your users can search for anything: content, help docs, commands, and more.

Before using...

A user clicks through your onboarding tooltips but suddenly doesn't know what to do next.

A user is interested in a specific feature but can’t find it. They leave.

Users show up, click around, and leave. You have no idea why.

After using...

Personalized recommendations nudge them to get to value faster and convert.

User searches for the feature in CommandBar using their own words. Finds it and converts.

Churned users searched for what they were looking for in CommandBar. You build the missing feature, and next time they convert.

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight