2 minute read · Published November 8, 2023

Announcing CommandBar for Mobile

Latest Update May 10, 2024

Personalized user assistance for any mobile web, native iOS, or Android app.

For 3 years, we’ve been building user assistance tools for web and desktop apps. We resisted the obvious next step of building CommandBar for mobile because:

  • (1) we wanted to stay laser-focused (lack of focus kills so many startups),
  • (2) we felt like the “make all web and desktop apps easier to use” mission was a big challenge already.

But, in hindsight, I actually regret not launching a mobile product sooner. When we dug into it with our customers who have mobile apps, it became clear the problems we solve on desktop are even more acute on mobile:

  • Limited screen space
  • Users are in a hurry with a specific job in mind
  • The status quo for mobile user assistance is bad — in-app browser horror, big interrupting pop-ups, incessant “rate me” asks

Today is the day we use that regret as motivation!

How we’re fixing this

Introducing - CommandBar for mobile: mobile-native versions of our most popular in-product experiences:


An AI-powered personalized assistant for users, just a tap away. Now it works with voice too, so your users feel like they’re speaking to futuristic Siri!


Makes it easy for users to find training content, tutorials, etc. No in-app browser in sight!


Modals to announce cool new features you’re shipping, onboard users, get reviews, and more without being annoying or intrusive.

You can ship changes without App Store approval and edit everything in our no-code studio. No more bugging your swamped mobile dev to “just add one more pop-up.”

Adding an app review nudge in our no-code studio

💡 A few fun use cases you can get started with:

  • Onboarding checklists for new users
  • Drive App Store / Google Play reviews with a nudge
  • Prompt users with your changelog whenever they update to a new app version

How to add CommandBar to your mobile app

We’ve built SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native to make it easy to add CommandBar to whatever your mobile app is. Check them out here.

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