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User-obsessed teams love CommandBar

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User-obsessed teams love CommandBar

The CommandBar widget is a searchable index of your app's features and content. This simple idea drives step-change improvement in UX, from new users to power users.


CommandBar makes Netlify's dashboard easy to navigate

Netlify’s product is feature-rich to enable developers to build diverse internet products. Over time, their dashboard’s knobs and dials multiplied.

With CommandBar, all pages are a quick search away. If a user is trying to toggle some arcane setting, they can just search and be teleported where they need to go. No scavenger hunt required.

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CommandBar gives Gusto's users easy access to features

Gusto gives businesses an all-in-one platform for managing and empowering their people. That involves a lot of different functionality -- hiring, payroll, tax, insurance, and more.

CommandBar lives at the top of Gusto's app for admins. Admins can search for what they're trying to do in their own words, and be shown the pages and help articles that correspond to their query.

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CommandBar powers Laika's Launchpad

Laika helps companies get compliance certified and pass enterprise security assessments fast. They wanted a super-fast way to let customers navigate the app and find answers to the questions they have.

Enter Launchpad, powered by CommandBar. Launchpad indexes all of Laika's pages, settings, and features in one convenient place for users to find and access.

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CommandBar gives Shortcut users wings

Shortcut is the project management tool for agile product and engineering teams to manage their work. As you can imagine, users live in Shortcut -- speccing work, keeping track of projects, and more.

CommandBar powers Shortcut's Power Bar. Through Power Bar, users can take any action in Shortcut way faster than they could using the mouse. And customizable shortcuts mean users can create fast workflows personalized to how they use Shortcut.

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Use cases

One widget, many adoption stories

CommandBar can solve copious UX problems, but our customers typically adopt our product with one of the following goals.

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Turbocharging existing help content

CommandBar makes all of your existing content — articles, blogs, instructional videos — searchable and nudgeable, plus presents them directly in-app. This means higher view rates, more self-support, and better user education without any new content creation on your part.

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Nudging users down happy paths

Use powerful segmentation to show users context-aware recommendations based on who they are, where they are, and the parts of your product you want to highlight most.

Driving usage to the best features

Your users need an easy and fast way to find any features by just searching. Whether they’re new users looking for something specific or power users exploring a new use case.

Connect your existing stack

CommandBar becomes more useful when connected to your each layer of your UX stack. Connect data sources for search, sync your help center, and send CommandBar-generated events to wherever your product data lives.

Brian Testimonial
"We were able to get CommandBar up and running in production in only a few days, and our testing showed that it made our users’ in-app experience easier and faster."
Yoko Li
Senior Product Manager
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Hottest feature of 2022

CommandBar uses the UI patterns you’re probably familiar with — but combines them in one lightweight format that is simple to configure and easy for users to take advantage of.

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Users need a fast way to find content. Even better if they can narrow down their query when wading through lots of data.

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New users need guidance, but tooltips create friction. CommandBar enables users to learn your product at their own pace.

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Feature adoption

Users need a way to learn about your new features and rediscover them when they become relevant to their workflows. 

One hour to implement. A massive boost in user experience.

We don't make big claims that we can't back up. With our editor, you can personalize your bar, set your command list, connect your data sources, and sync your help center in less than an hour. Of course, getting past QA and into prod is up to you.

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Bring the tools you love

Plug your existing tools into CommandBar with our built-in integrations. No code required.

"We use CommandBar to allow our users to really do anything that you can do inside the a way that’s faster and easier than anything they could do before."
Kurt Schrader

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Built for developers and product teams

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