2 minute read · Published April 16, 2024

How Shortcut assists users with Copilot

Latest Update May 10, 2024

Shortcut, the project management tool that brings together every team across an organization, leverages several CommandBar products – Spotlight, HelpHub, and Copilot.

I wanted to see (1) what made Shortcut want to use them and (2) what their experience was like. 

I sat down with Jordan LaCount, Group Product Manager at Shortcut to learn more about this.

The Problem

“We were looking for a way to serve help content to users without having them leave the app. We had quite a few places and entry points to our help content, but people were just having a lot of trouble finding it. One of these places was Shortcut University, which new users would see during onboarding. It’s useful content for sure, but once you’ve onboarded, you can’t find it anymore. Then we had the Training Hub, which is more accessible, but takes you away from our actual product. 

Despite all this content we had created, users were still constantly asking for things that we have answers for very directly in our help center. The main reason for that: there was no easy way for someone to search through that content.”

The Solution

“I saw a demo of another CommandBar customer using Copilot where it triggered a tour to show users how to set up payroll. It was awesome and inspiring to see, so we wanted to try it out since we were already using CommandBar. 

Implementing it was super quick and we were able to customize it to fit our brand. I feel like the longer we have it on and the more time we spend adjusting and making updates to the content, it’s going to keep exponentially getting better.

The ability to customize everything in detail is one of the things that I’m really impressed with. I love that all the CommandBar experiences have better UX standards to feel very first-class, and not like they are secondary annoying pop-ups. We use other products too, but I’ve found that we’ve had to do a lot of wrangling to make sure they look exactly the way we want them to look. CommandBar is not clunky and it’s obvious that that is how it’s supposed to feel.”

The Result

“My favorite thing about HelpHub/Copilot is that it’s made experimenting on our onboarding and growth side a lot easier. We’re a very small team so the fact that we don’t have to worry about constantly keeping it updated or spending lots of time on styling it has allowed us to focus on other areas.  

Another benefit has been hearing our users tell us that they also really enjoy it. We hear a lot that people love that we’ve added it to the product and that they’re getting quick answers to questions.“

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How Shortcut assists users with Copilot

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