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Remarkably relevant in-product help


Connect to Copilot

Sync with existing content

Videos (and transcripts)

Sync with any public site

Search thatactually works

Don't let users miss the right concept because they used the wrong word.

Helphub's semantic search automagically connects user queries to results that contain similar concepts, not just words.

How users miss the needle in your haystack

Search 1.0

Keyword only

No one does this anymore, right?

Search 2.0

Natural Language

Keyword -> result related ideas

Search 3.0

Personalized Search

Keyword -> result based on
your metadata + feature usage

Search 1.0

Keyword only

No one does this anymore right?

Search 2.0

Natural language

Typo tolerant and can account for synonyms


Search 3.0

Personalized search

Learns your lexicon and incorporates user behavior and reading history.

Little touches your users will love

Just the highlights

Keywords highlighted for quick scanning.

Searchable video transcripts

Search in videos. Start at the relevant clip.

Suggested searches

AI-powered personalized search suggestions.


Train your users to expect useful stuff whenever they open HelpHub.

Page targeting

Show content relevant to the user's current page

Audience targeting

Customize by account tier, feature access, and what your users have done in your product so far

Featured content

Get eyes on your best content with pins and bold thumbnails

Try it:

HelpHub New User

"It's like flipping on the narration track"

Spot confusion

Trending searches can reveal unmet user needs or common confusions.

Follow a user

Drill into a specific user's interests over time.

Uncover deadends

Failed searches help you spot questions that don't have a good answer (yet).

Feel the CommandBar difference

We guarantee your users will

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SOC 2 Type II
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